Letters to Ernesto Neto

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Interview in the Penn Current, September 19, 2002

Art and book design by Nicole Michels


Only the amoebas are happy
                                                       after Ernesto Neto

Shoes, bracelets, headphones, boots:

everything on the floor,

every thing a pile.

It’s difficult to walk right

into the amoeba.

In front of a completely supportless white,

you wade two feet into this brightness

this biomorphic pillow.

Something does, something doesn’t hold

its shape.

Your body displaces the place

you land—

beads, spandex, white button habitat.

(In the immense quiet

of the white sheen

in the middle of the afternoon

in the middle of the week

in the middle of the blue

you are completely surrounded.)

The Big Bang of bean-bags—

a lot of sewing going on.

Fragile fragile barra-bola. The rambling,

scrambling air-lifting patterns

of the styrofoam beads

all-over the poured concrete.