On Poets

  • Bill Berkson

    The education of poetry: An interview with Bill Berkson in Jacket2, December 13, 2012.

    A discussion of Bill Berkson on PoemTalk at the Kelly Writers House.

  • Charles Bernstein

    A review of Girly Man in The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 18, 2007.

  • William Corbett

    Interview in Rain Taxi, Spring 2005.

  • Robert Creeley

    A review of If I were writing this from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • Cid Corman

    A discussion of Cid Corman on PoemTalk at the Kelly Writers House.

  • Rachel Blau DuPlessis

    An essay on Rachel Blau DuPlessis's Drafts in Jacket2, December 2011.

  • Ross Gay

    A review of Bringing the Shovel Down in The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 17, 2011.

  • Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg's Howl at 50 in The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 1, 2006.

  • Lyn Hejinian

    A review of Slowly in the Boston ReviewOct/November 2003.

    A discussion of Lyn Hejinian on PoemTalk at the Kelly Writers House.

  • Fanny Howe

    A review of On the Ground in The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 23, 2004.

  • Sharon Mesmer

    A review of Half Angel Half Lunch in Readme, Winter 2000.

  • Eileen Myles

    Interview in Rain Taxi, Summer 2003.

  • Charles North

    A review of Cadenza in The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 16, 2007.

  • Naomi Shihab Nye

    A review of Transfer in The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 20, 2012.

  • George Oppen

    Editor for Feature on George Oppen in Jacket 36, winter 2008

    A program introduction and a talk on Mary Oppen's Meaning a Life for a Celebration of George Oppen's 100th Birthday, April 7, 2008.

  • Carl Rakosi

    A conversation with Carl Rakosi at the Kelly Writers House, on the occasion of his 99th birthday. October 30, 2002.

    Interview in Jacket 25, originally published in The American Poetry Review, July/August 2003.

  • Sparrow

    Interview in Rain Taxi, Spring 2006.

  • Lorenzo Thomas

    Poem "Deliberate," after Lorenzo Thomas, from A Series of Small Boxes.

  • Philip Whalen

    An Introduction to reading Philip Whalen, in Jacket 11, April 2000.