Thomas Devaney

Getting to Philadelphia

Hanging Loose Press, 2019

Thomas Devaney, You Are the Battery, Black Square Editions, 2019
You Are the Battery

Black Square Editions, fall 2019

Thomas Devaney, Runaway Goat Cart, Hanging Loose Press, 2015
Runaway Goat Cart

Hanging Loose Press, 2015

Thomas Devaney, Calamity Jane, Furniture Press Books, 2014
Calamity Jane

Furniture Press, 2014

Will Brown and Thomas Devaney, The Picture that Remains, The Print Center, 2014
The Picture that Remains

The Print Center, 2014

Thomas Devaney, A Series of Small Boxes, Fish Drum Press, 2007
A Series of Small Boxes

Fish Drum Press, 2007

Thomas Devaney, The American Pragmatist Fell in Love, Banshee Press, 1999